Today’s Teachers Must Become Connected Educators

By Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

We live in an age of fast-paced change and, unfortunately, economic downturn. Most schools and school systems are not able to give us the kind of professional development we need, as often as we need it. But the good news is that we also live in an era of great technological proficiency, where many useful learning tools are available for free -- tools that are safe and fast and easy to use: information-gathering tools, knowledge-management tools and, best of all, tools for collaboration. If we are connected educators and we know how to leverage this ubiquitous technology to connect to other people who share our interes…

The First Annual BusyTeacher Awards

BusyTeacher, the online network for English teachers around the world, earlier today unveiled its first annual BusyTeacher Awards, a community-focused competition rewarding the best teachers, education-related resources and educational technologies of 2011. The competition includes 18 categories, like Teacher of the Year, Teaching Website of the Year and Classroom Tool of the Year. Participants can nominate three of their favorite educators, websites, companies and products once a day until January 10, 2012, when BusyTeacher’s editors will select the five finalists in each category. Final voting will then continue until March 1, 2012, when the winners will be announced on BusyTeacher. For a full list…

The Top Ten Fictional Teachers

Teachers have long-lasting effects on us -- even teachers from movies, television shows and books! That’s because these fictional teachers embody the traits that make real-life teachers great: They use their creative and innovative skills to motivate us while grabbing our attention. These 10 teachers, in no particular order, all exert positive energy, passion and creativity. Thus, they have a profound impact on their fictional students, but also on us as an audience. Who is your favorite?

Mr. Hand, Fast Times at Ridgemont High

“Food will be eaten on YOUR tim…


Top 10 iPad Apps for Teachers

As the T in STEM, Technology in the classroom is becoming more relevant and teachers are increasingly becoming more tech-savvy. So it’s no surprise to find that more and more high tech tools are being used in the classroom. Schools all across the country are already being outfitted with SMART Boards, but you can also take the initiative and enhance your own teaching methods with these fun, interactive and organizational apps for your iPad: