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Why You Should Adopt a Visual Learning Strategy in Your Classroom

The human brain is a miraculous organ, capable of processing huge amounts of information in just seconds. But it is better at absorbing some kinds of information than it is others.

Consider, for example, the following: when you read a passage of text, your brain scans the text for meaning, decoding a sea of syntax, syllables, phonemes, syllogisms, euphemisms, metaphors and all manner of rules and techniques to uncover the units of information that are most important.

Connect the Dots: Making the Transition from a Teacher to an Administrator

There are variety of career opportunities in education to explore. Teaching is the most common of all but when is it time to advance in your education career? Making the decision of becoming an administrator include several factors.

Using Technology to Engage Your Students

There was a time when the projector was cutting-edge technology, putting to shame chalkboards all over the country as chalk sticks turned to powder in the grooves of the wooden frames from disuse.

Now, new technology is coming at an ever-increasing rate, and it’s not just about exposing kids to new tools but using the best technology available to help them learn.

Dealing With Grief

Losing a parent is a rite of passage that most adults pass through, a time of reflection and change and for the majority of us it thankfully happens when we are mature and have our own families, but for one in seven Americans that loss will be experienced before they turn 20 years old. This startling statistic makes it a very real probability that during the course of your teaching career a student in your class will face the unimaginable.

Diversity Through Literature

By 2050 the Census Bureau estimates that the US will be more racially and ethnically diverse than at any other time, becoming a majority-minority nation for the first time during this period.

Therefore, It is absolutely essential that our educational resources reflect the changing makeup of our classrooms to ensure that students feel welcomed and supported in an inclusive and diverse environment.

What Do We Know About Amazon Inspire?

It’s almost here- the Amazon Inspire! This open education resource tool will be making a splash in classrooms around the United States and changing the way knowledge is shared. We’ve discovered all the ins and outs of the Amazon Inspire to share with you the pros, the cons, and everything else in between.