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Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the General Education Classroom

What most people think of as Autism is not really one condition. Two children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may exhibit different symptoms, and require unique accommodations in the general education classroom. Even for experienced teachers, teaching students with ASDs can be a monumental challenge. The goal of this article is to introduce new teachers to ASDs, and describe best practices in working with these students and their parents.

Note Taking Styles and Strategies

Taking notes is a vital skill in acquiring and retaining knowledge. Unfortunately, note-taking skills are not always explicitly taught in schools, or, when they are, they are often taught in a one-size-fits-all manner. A teacher or tutor can have an immediate positive impact by matching a student to a note-taking style that blends their learning style and organizational preference.

How to Spark Intrinsic Motivation in Your Students

It’s been quite a while since learning experts and business coaches have taken gamification on board – to improve student/employee engagement, experiment with new motivation techniques and unlock hidden potentials in a revamped environment. Despite all benefits enclosed, a major concern here is the lack of intrinsic motivation that needs no badges, certificates of achievement or other perks to retain students’ interest. Is there any viable manner to keep the audience focused without the carrot – or the stick?

Creating Future Business Leaders with Entrepreneurial Learning

There’s a lot of great things to be said about true project-based learning. Students learn critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They apply learning to authentic problems and grow their own agency as they become immersed in finding solutions. Entrepreneurial learning, one method of project-based learning, takes this type of critical thinking to a new level—one that applies to careers and the world outside of school.

How to Engage a Classroom of Diverse Learners

For some people, the term ‘diverse learners’ conjures the image of students who are learning disabled. Yet for a teacher, this image is an outmoded mindset. Every student has strengths and weaknesses. Every student has her own way of learning. Most importantly, every student has her own way of best expressing what she has learned.

The Magic of a Field Trip

Many students look forward to their annual field trip all year long. A chance to escape the confines of the classroom and take learning opportunities on the road.

Field Trips are a break from the usual school day, offering the opportunity to see an attraction or museum and interact with classmates and teachers in a slightly more relaxed manner than the normal school environment.