Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank a Teacher Facebook Tagging Game

It's Teacher Appreciation Week, the time of year when we thank those who work so hard educate us and our children. Some businesses celebrate by offering teachers deals on supplies, books and meals. Others celebrate with public events to recognize the teachers in their community. But sometimes the best way to celebrate is to just reach out to one of your favorite teachers and offer a simple thank you.

Is there a special teacher who you'd like to thank, but you're not sure how? This year, Teach.com has made it easy to reach out to your favorite teachers on Facebook. All you have to do is upload one of these images and tag your teacher on the photo that you think best describes them. It's a simple way to let your past and current teachers know that you are thinking about them and appreciate all of the effort they put into their job.
Thank A Teacher Facebook Meme
Teacher Appreciation week
Teacher Appreciation Week Facebook Meme