Guide to Kickstarter for Teachers

Crowdfunding is a relatively new online development that allows a large group of unknown individuals to each contribute a small amount of money to help a cause reach its funding goal.Kickstarter -- a micro-funding website that TIME magazine called one of the 50 best inventions of 2010 -- has become a top source for funding creative projects. Inventors, artists, writers, filmmakers and musicians have received funding on the site. Now many teachers have discovered that they can fund education projects on Kickstarter.

Anyone can post a project on Kickstarter. Projects can be any size, serious or silly, innovative or traditional. What …

Education News Round-Up

Though the academic year may be coming to a close, the world of education still gathers momentum as reform policies aim to improve the quality of education across the country. Check out five of this month’s important education news stories.

Connecticut Plan for Education Reform Signed into Law

On May 16, Governor Dannel Malloy of Connecticut signed into law a comprehensive education reform bill that will raise the budget for education funding by $100 million. In addition, the law seeks to t…

iPad Education Games

As we continue to incorporate the latest technological advances into every aspect of our daily lives, educators are looking to see how technology can be integrated into the classroom to enhance and expand student learning.

The iPad is one of the most popular technological innovations of recent years, in part because of its enormous selection of apps that people can use in virtually every area -- from personal finance and health to social networking and gaming.

In response to the importance of technology to education, numerous educational apps are being developed (often by teachers…

Filming Lessons for Certification

The standards for teachers are being raised again! The federal education acts No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top, privately funded education initiatives like the Bill and Melinda Gates’College Ready Promise, and countless other education reforms have impacted the way which teacher quality is assessed and valued in this country.

What used to be a process of one or two classroom visits by a school administrator has now turned into something exceptionally more rigorous -- and this evaluation process is beginning earlier than ever! No longer are teacher evaluations reserved for in-service teachers (i.e. those already employed as educators), but the pressures to p…

Startup Bus: Teacher Tally

Educators who aspire to be entrepreneurs will be interested in student Teddy Worcester's recent experiences on the StartupBus. Teddy, an economics major at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, comes from a family of public school educators and has always been interested in alternative teaching methods. He recently was part of a team that conceived of a teacher assessment tool called Teacher Tally. He described his startup experiences on his blog and has given us permission to share his story here. First, some background information on StartupBus is in order: Imagin…

The Rise of the AP [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the 2012 school year begins to wind down, many students across the country are diligently preparing for Advanced Placement exams in 34 different subject areas. AP courses are designed to help high school students acquire the skills and study habits essential for success in college. With test dates running from May 7 through May 25, AP students are poised to hit the ground running when beginning their post-secondary careers, should they earn a score high enough to gain them college credit.

In keeping with the testing season, we are very excited to launch an infographic that highlights the progress made within AP curricula over the past decade. Our graphic, “The Rise of the AP,” shares information and statistics from the College Board’s 8th Annual "AP Report to the Nation."

We encourage you to share the graphic below with teachers, classmates and friends who might be prepping for an AP exam…