#Edchat Weekly Roundup: Using Technology to Demonstrate Growth in the Classroom

edchatThis week's #edchat focused on how we can better-implement educational technology to document growth in both students and teachers. The 12pm ET topic discussed how we can use digital portfolios and/or other e-learning tools to document student growth and achievement in a more valuable way. The evening's conversation at 7pm ET questioned whether ideas discussed within PLNs (professional learning networks) and online communities of educators were really making waves in the educational space, or if we're just a "like-minded minority."?

With the rise of technology and a push towards more "authentic" forms of learning/assessment, is it time for education to shift away from stagnant letter grades? See below for participants thoughts on the 12pm ET conversation:

If grades are an indication of potential, wouldn't portfolios be a proof of potential? Should we adopt portfolios over grades?

Have internet/technology spaces made an impact on education reform, or is it just a medium for ed tech advocates to preach to their own choir? Read below to see the discussions brought up during the 7pm ET conversation:

Are ideas and contributions of connected educators making a difference in education, or is it an echo chamber of a like-minded minority?

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