#Edchat Weekly Roundup: 21st Century Teaching Tools

edchatThis week's #edchat topics focused on two different areas of teacher best practice. To begin the day, #edchat contributors discussed the relevancy and authenticity of worksheets, questioning whether or not they had a place in the 21st century classroom. Late Tuesday evening, the conversation focused on innovative ‘ed tech,' and how teachers can implement it as a tool rather than a distraction. While these topics clearly focused on different areas of pedagogy and practice, they fall under a common theme (and common debate) of tradition vs. innovation.
The days' topics were as follows:
  • 12pm ET: If innovation is the goal of education, and is promoted through higher order thinking skills, why do we focus on worksheets?

  • 7pm ET: How do we change a teacher's view of technology as a distraction from learning, to that of an attraction to be a gateway to learning?

While worksheets are not directly related to educational technology -- in fact, they're at the opposite end of the spectrum -- these two topics encapsulate the issues that today's educational sphere are faced with. How can we appropriately balance traditional teaching practices with innovative classroom resources? Do worksheets and rote-learning have a place in the 21st century classroom? And, when it comes to the contemporary classroom, how can we show our teachers how to purposefully use technology in the classroom?

See below for the thoughtful commentary from this week's #edchat participants. Where do you stand on issues on 21st century teaching tools? Tweet us at @teachdotcom or comment below!

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