#Edchat Weekly Roundup: Taking Care of Our Teachers

Welcome back to our blog's new segment #edchat Weekly Roundup, where we look back at Tuesday's #edchat topics and highlight some of the day's poignant conversations and key players.edchat

Yesterday's #edchat topics -- moderated by @ShellTerrell and @blairteach -- were as follows:


  • 12pm EST: How do teachers as education experts regain the leadership of the discussion on education reform?
  • 7pm EST: What would be the effect of building collaboration and reflection time into your word schedule?

Teachers as Leaders, Leaders as Teachers

In a time when the state of education is at the forefront of national discussion, we as teachers need to band together and have our voices be heard. Teachers need to speak up and have their voices be heard on a local, state, and national level. Being a great teacher goes beyond the classroom.

See below for some great insight into Tuesday's 12pm #edchat conversation:

Collaboration and Reflection are Key

As teachers, we stress methods of collaboration and self-reflection as essential aspects of the learning process. However, we fail to apply it's importance to us as educators. Utilizing collaboration and reflection in aspects of professional development will not only help us become better educators, but will also improve student learning and understanding.

See below for more great insight from yesterday's 7pm edchat:

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